The Problems With House And Land Packages

House and land packages are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, as they offer a convenient and affordable way to purchase a home. However, there are several problems with these packages that buyers should be aware of before signing up.

The first issue is that the quality of the home can sometimes be lower than expected. This is because the package is generally sourced from a builder who is looking to sell as many homes as possible, rather than a home builder who focuses on quality.

Another issue is that the land may not be suitable for building on. This can be due to factors such as the soil quality or the slope of the land. As a result, the home may not be stable enough to build on, or may not be easily accessible.

A home and land package will often include a house that is already built, which can be another source of trouble for buyers. For example, the home may have been built without proper council approvals if the home builder was not planning on selling it as a home and land package. As a result, home owners may have to install new facilities or rebuild areas of the home.

House and land packages are usually advertised as being complete home solutions, however, it is not uncommon for buyers to need to purchase additional items. For example, water pumps are often required when building on rural blocks of land, which are expensive to source independently.

Finally, home owners are often unable to choose the home’s position. The home and land package usually has a specific orientation, which means that homeowners can not choose whether their home fronts onto a major road or an attractive view.

It is also common for large trees to be included in house and land packages, however, these trees may not be removed prior to settlement. As a result, home owners may find themselves with a large tree in their garden that they do not want and are unable to remove.

Despite these problems, house and land packages remain an attractive option for many home buyers. By being aware of the potential issues, home buyers can make an informed decision about whether a house and land package is the right choice for them.